Beacon Life Coaching

  • Life Coaching helps you improve your life, effectively and permanently. Just as you may use a Sports Coach to help you play a better game, so Life Coaching helps you play the game of Life with more skill and zest. You don’t need to have anything wrong with you to benefit. You may just want to make what’s good in your life even better.
  • With Beacon Life Coaching, you are helped to identify areas of your life which are perhaps not as positive as you would like them to be, areas such as career, self-confidence, health, relationships, personal development, balancing work and leisure, quality of home environment etc.
  • Your Coach, will help you to find your own solutions to your problems and develop strategies for success. She will support you through the time it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Liz can help you explore and work around blockages that may have been holding you back. She finds that clients typically experience the changes they desire within as little as three months.
  • Whether the area is phobias, addictions, or confidence; whether you seek to make what is good in your life even better, coaching will help you to realize whatever your dream may be.
  • Liz believes that you have all the answers within you; you just need assistance in finding them and in making realistic plans for the future. Coaching is neither counselling nor therapy: It is, simply, an extremely effective way of taking you forward from where you are now to where you would like to be.